A few of my favorite things: Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard

Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

For most of my life, mustard came in a bright yellow bottle and was made for hot dogs and bologna sandwiches.

But then Jeff and I started to do our food shopping at the St. Lawrence Market, which meant that we started to try out new flavours of Anton Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard every Saturday.  And before I knew it, mustard wasn’t just for questionable meats anymore and I was constantly looking for ways to fit more mustard into my life.

When I found this recipe for steak sandwiches with goat’s cheese and arugula it was originally the cheese that caught my eye. And then I noticed that the other side of the bun was slathered in mustard.

One can only eat so many sleeves of saltine crackers slathered in grainy mustard before they realize they need to find a more socially acceptable way to consume a condiment. So I made the sandwich for my brother and sister-in-law and haven’t had a mustard-topped saltine since. Or more precisely, haven’t had that many mustard-topped saltines since.

Anatomy of a SandwichSteak sandwiches with goat’s cheese & arugula
Serves: 2 (or as many as you’ve invited over)


1 lb. steak (I like top sirloin)
1/2 bunch arugula
1/4 of medium red onion
3 oz. goat’s cheese, room temperature
2 tbsp. grainy mustard, like Kozlik’s!
Your favorite sandwich carrier, i.e. baguette or a Thins hamburger bun, or my favorite, artisan buns from Thuet Bakery


1.  Grill the steak medium-rare, let rest and slice.

2. In the meantime, slather one side of the bread with mustard and the other with the goat’s cheese.  Stack the steak, arugula and onion on the sandwich.

3. And repeat. Because this is so good you’ll want to eat it every chance you can.

Steak Sandwich with goat's cheese and arugula

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2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things: Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard

  1. I love Kozlik’s! It’s one of Cam and I’s favourite stops when we’re at St. Lawrence although I find a lot of the mustards a wee bit too spicy for my poor mouth!

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