summer’s last hurrah gazpacho soup

This year, more than ever, I was happy to bid August adieu and welcomed September with open arms. On a personal note, I’ve had better summers. And the weather? It’s been too damned hot.

So yeah, I was happy to wake up on September 1, the date I’ve always considered to be the true New Year’s Day. What a relief, I tweeted. I’m ready for cardigans. For root vegetables and pot pies. And even though there was still a full three weeks of true summer left, the temperatures had dropped, the cloud ceiling lowered, gray. It felt, mercifully, like fall.

Then, just as quickly as they had fallen, the temperatures started to rise again. And rise, and rise, until it was more than 30C! Overnight! It felt like summer came back just so it could stick out its tongue out at me and taunt, neener, neener, neeeeeeener.

When it came time for dinner, it was too hot to turn on the oven – even with the AC blasting. Just as the weather started to heat up again I happened upon that great gazpacho recipe I made last summer and then promptly misplaced. And then our CSA was overflowing with beautiful field tomatoes. 

So in the end it all worked out, but I won’t lie – when the heat broke and temperatures returned to a much cooler, much more sane, 18-ish, I was happy as a clam. A clam in a cardigan, that is.

Get the recipe for Refreshing Gazpacho Soup at Bitchin Camero.